Environmental Policy

Kimal® are an innovative and trusted developer (including design), manufacturer and supplier of customised procedure packs and vascular access devices for use across a range of clinical departments. As a company we recognise, that some of our activities have an impact on the environment, primarily due to packaging, water, energy and CO2 emissions, and we will seek to minimise this impact as far as reasonably possible. Kimal will implement and maintain an Environmental Management System through accreditation to ISO14001:2004, and by continually striving to reduce our impact on the environment. This policy includes a commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution through setting achievable objectives and targets, as well as a commitment to meet or exceed relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements. We will: 1.   Comply with the requirements set out within ISO14001:2004 and any accompanying standards as a minimum. 2.   Make efficient use of natural resources by conserving energy and water. 3.   Minimise the amount of waste produced and recycle where possible. 4.   Keep transport/vehicle use to a minimum and regularly service vehicles to maintain their efficiency. 5.   Work with suppliers and encourage them to reduce their impact on the environment. 6.   Work to reduce our packaging where practical. 7.   Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters. 8.   We will communicate this policy to all Kimal employees and ensure that they are given appropriate training to raise awareness of environmental issues. 9.   This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis taking into account any changes within legislation. 10. The policy will be made available to the public and other interested parties via our Company website.   View our Environmental Policy here. For more information please contact environment@kimal.co.uk