Maintaining your Altius CVC

Change of IV Line

LuerSafe® – An Automatic Clamp to Reduce the Risk of Air Embolism & Infection, and to provide an effective microbial barrier

WHAT: A split septum, flat surface, direct fluid pathway, creating a closed system.

BENEFIT 1: No need for further clamping.

BENEFIT 2: Easy to clean and disinfect using an alcohol wipe.

TIP: No need to routinely kink/clamp the line, or to clamp/remove the LuerSafe.

If you have questions about the maintenance of your LuerSafe, ask your local Kimal Representative to take you through the results of our lab study, which demonstrates the integrity of the silicone barrier after 30 days, or 300 actuations.

How to look after your LuerSafe

Clean using an alcohol wipe following your local protocol. Allow to air dry before dressing.

Connecting to the IV Line

TIP: Do not over-tighten the IV line onto the LuerSafe. This may damage the connector.

Connecting the Syringe to the LuerSafe

TIP: Insert the end of the Luer Lock or Luer Slip syringe straight, not at an angle, to prevent damaging the LuerSafe connector.


WHAT: LuerSafe is validated for up to 300 actuations over a 30 day period, averaging 10 actuations per lumen per day.

Disconnecting the IV line

TIP: No need to kink the line, or to clamp the line or the LuerSafe when disconnecting.

TIP: No need to remove the LuerSafe.

Aspiration of Blood

LuerSafe – An Automatic Clamp That You Can Aspirate Blood Through

WHAT: An automatic closed system that has CE mark for up to 30 days, averaging 10 actuations per line per day.

BENEFIT 1: Can aspirate blood as it only requires a 3 ml flush to clear the LuerSafe (3 x 1 ml).

BENEFIT 2: No need to change the valve.

BENEFIT 3: Quick and easy to clean.

In the rare event of a failed LuerSafe, please use the Repair Valve to continue the treatment.

Please contact your local Kimal Representative for more information.

Altius Colour-Coded Lumens

WHAT: Altius lines are colour-coded from top to tip.

BENEFIT 1: Easy identification to reduce handling the lines negating the need for identification stickers.

BENEFIT 2: Reduced risk of maladministration of drugs.

BENEFIT 3: Reduced risk of infection by reducing manipulation of lines.

BENEFIT 4: Safe delivery of photosensitive medication such as TPN without taping the lines.

Altius Multi-Tube Technology

WHAT: Altius Multi-Tube™ technology provides perfectly round lumens.

BENEFIT: Perfectly round lumens from the LuerSafe to the tip provide pure laminar flow which is ideal for drug infusion. This unique technology allows for smaller guage (GA) size lumens whilst maintaining excellent flow rates, i.e. Altius 7 lumen.

However, with smaller GA lumens it is possible to feel resistance when aspirating.

TIP: Aspirate slowly

Delivering Contrast Media

What do you do when your patients need contrast media?

Do you carry out additional cannulations for the delivery of contrast media?

WHAT: Altius’ high pressure line is compatible with contrast media delivery withstanding up to 300psi with infusions up to 10ml/second.

BENEFIT 1: To reduce unnecessary secondary cannulations in line with the Vessel Health Protection Programme.1

BENEFIT 2: The purple HP line is easy to identify, helping to avoid clinical error.

BENEFIT 3: To prevent off-label CVC use which can lead to catheter rupture.

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