Business Ethics Policy


Kimal PLC believes that it is important for the organisation and its employees to maintain high ethical standards in order to preserve the Company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Good ethics are important to ensure that Kimal meets not only its objectives in a fair and equitable manner but its wider social responsibilities externally. In addition, Kimal is committed to ensuring high ethical standards within the workplace and in the workplace of suppliers.

1. This Policy will be closely monitored and will be developed as necessary to ensure that it meets the needs of the organisation, its employees and its stakeholders.

2. This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, taking into account any changes in legislation.

3. Kimal will adhere to all relevant employment legislation and requirements within the UK and EEC.

4. All employees are required to adhere to the organisation’s Policy and procedures on business ethics.

5. Kimal has a Code of Conduct which employees are expected to abide by. This Code of Conduct includes information on data protection/access to employee data, whistleblowing, bribery (including the giving and receiving of gifts), confidentiality, relationships with competitors, suppliers, advertisers etc., equal opportunities, discrimination and harassment.

6. Kimal is committed to equality of opportunity and diversity in the workplace. It is the organisation’s policy to treat all job applicants and employees fairly and equally, regardless of their sex, trans-gender status, pregnancy, maternity leave, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, national origin, ethnic origin or disability.

7. Kimal is committed to safeguarding against human rights abuse within its operations and global supply chain.  The Company has undertaken reasonable practicable steps as part of its diligence process to monitor modern slavery, slavery and servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking.

8. Top Management will make available sufficient resources for the implementation of this Policy.

9. Kimal will ensure that all of its key contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers are aware of this Policy.

10. Kimal expects its suppliers to maintain appropriate ethical standards.

11. Kimal will take all reasonable steps to establish the ethics / employment standards of its suppliers in line with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code and selected UN data.

12. Where feasible Kimal will source from suppliers who maintain appropriate ethical standards for the area in which they operate.

13. Kimal will communicate this Policy to all our employees and ensure that they are given appropriate training to raise awareness of ethical issues.

14. View our Business Ethics Policy here.