BioFlo Midline

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    The BioFlo Midline Catheter with Endexo Technology provides safe and reliable short-term intravenous access

    Reduce Thrombus Accumulation by 94% 1

    The surface modifying Endexo polymer is “blended” with the polyurethane catheter material making it more resistant to thrombus accumulation, a precursor of deep vein thrombosis and partial withdrawal occlusion.

    Improve Patient Safety

    All BioFlo Midlines are CT rated to 325PSI with flow rates clearly labelled on the clamps. Furthermore, “Midline” is visible several times to avoid being mistaken for a PICC

    Reduce Insertion Attempts

    The Seldinger Technique is associated with fewer insertion attempts, minimising infection risk, time and costs. The familiar, high quality insertion components including the nitinol guidewire, peel away sheath and echogenic introducer needle are included as standard.

    1. In vitro blood loop model test results demonstrated on average 94% less thrombus accumulation.

    BioFlo is a trademark of AngioDynamics® and is distributed by Kimal PLC  in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

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