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    BioFloTM is a trademark of AngioDynamics® and is distributed by Kimal PLC  in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

    The BiofloTM PICC with Endexo provides safe and reliable mid to long-term intravenous access.

    Upgrading to BioFlo has never been easier with the extended range of Clamped PICCs. From conversations with Vascular Access Teams up and down the country we understand practice and preferences vary. This is why, in partnership with Kimal’s principal supplier AngioDynamics, we are pleased to offer an extensive range, 1 – 3 lumens with MST kit included, of the BioFlo PICC Non PASV.

    Reduce Thrombus Accumulation by 87%1

    The surface modifying Endexo polymer is “blended” with the polyurethane catheter material making it permanently more resistant to thrombus accumulation, a precursor of deep vein thrombosis and partial withdrawal occlusion.

    CT Rated and Clear Identification

    All BioFlo catheters are CT-rated and max flow rates are clearly labelled on the purple hubs for the BioFlo PASV catheters and on the clamps of the BioFlo Non-PASV catheters.

    Why Kimal?

    Whether you are setting up a new Vascular Access Service or are part of an experienced Radiology, Theatre or IV team we understand the challenges that arise. With ECG Tip Location systems, our market leading Customised Procedure Pack Service and online educational training we can tailor our support to your individual needs.

    Please fill in an enquiry form to schedule a call back from our Product Manager.

    1. In vitro blood loop model test results demonstrated on average 87% less thrombus accumulation.

    2. Burns, D. Retrospective Analysis The Vanderbilt PICC service: Program, Program, Procedural and Patient Outcomes Success, Vanderbilt University. JAVA Vol.10 No. 42005.


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