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    SmartPort+™ brings together the Vortex™ and Endexo technologies to provide the Port your patient deserves.

    73% fewer port occlusions1

    The Vortex™ technology includes a round port chamber to eliminate dead spaces and sludge build up. It also has a tangential off-centre outlet that helps create a more effective flushing action to hyper cleanse the entire port chamber.

    Low catheter related thrombosis rate2

    The Endexo technology is a permenant, non-eluting, surface modifying polymer that is “blended” into the polyurethane from which the catheter is made. It’s the same technology used in the BioFlo PICCs and Midlines and provides a catheter material that is more resistant to Thrombosis accumulation.

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    SmartPort+™ and Vortex™ are registered trademarks of Angiodynamics Inc. Kimal is the exclusive distributor for Angiodynamics Vascular Access in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

    1. Stevens, Barbara, et al.(2000) A Randomized, Prospective Trial of Conventional Vascular Ports vs. the Vortex ‘Clear-Flow’ Reservoir Port in Adult Oncology Patients. Journal of Vascular Access Devices, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 37–40.

    2. Suleman A, Jarvis V, Hadziomerovic A, et al., Implanted vascular access device related deep vein thrombosis in oncology patients: A prospective cohort study, Thrombosis Research,Vol 177, 2019; P117-121

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