Vascular Access Insertion Packs

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    Vascular Access Insertion Packs (VASPACKs) provide a comprehensive range of high quality SurgiGardTM drapes, gowns and devices required to standardise Aseptic Non-Touch Technique (ANTT®) throughout your healthcare organisation. The cost and efficiency savings of procedure packs vs discrete item purchasing through reduced stock holding and procedure “lay up” time are widely recognised. 1 As are the advantages of ANTT® included in the 2021 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice to reduce catheter related bloodstream infection (CRBSI).2

    Kimal’s Vascular Access Insertion Packs cater for all types of Vascular Access Devices including but not limited to Multi-lumen CVCs, PICCs and Midlines. These are available as off the shelf Universal Packs, or customised packs that are built to your required specification.

    To see some example specifications please download the brochure and to start creating your very own customised VA Insertion pack please submit an product enquiry and our team will be happy to assist you.

    1. Baines, R., et al.(2001).The Benefits of Using Customised Procedure Packs. British Journal of Perioperative Nursing, 11(1), 34-39.

    2. Gorski, L., et al.(2021).Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, 8th Edition. Journal of Infusion Nursing, 44, S1-S224.

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