Verdye Indocyanine Green (ICG)

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    VerdyeTM is a trademark of Diagnostic Green and is distributed by Kimal PLC in the UK.

    *Source: Pubmed

    Verdye™ ICG is a fluorescence imaging product used by physicians to guide surgical and mapping procedures, based on fluorescence.

    Active substance: Indocyanine Green (lyophilised powder) | Purpose of use: perfusion diagnostic (fluorescence)

    Approved indications of Verdye in the UK include:

    – Cerebral diagnostics

    – Ophthalmic angiography diagnostics

    – Cardiac, circulatory & micro-circulatory diagnostics

    – Liver function diagnostics

    Verdye ICG is being used by surgeons worldwide for a range of procedures and has over 8,000 published articles on its use and application*.

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