Happy Birthday NHS!

January 30, 2019

  • Today’s the day we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the birth of the NHS, one of the UK’s most loved institutions.

    Born out of the belief that healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth, this ideal remains one of the NHS’s core principles. Today, we have a lot to thank the NHS for; from the introduction of polio and diphtheria vaccinations to all under 15-year olds to the success of smoking cessation services and cancer screening services, the NHS has been instrumental in many of the medical achievements the UK has seen over the last 70 years. Click here to find out more.

    Thank you to all of those who have worked and who are still working tirelessly to provide the best care to over 64 million people in the UK. The last 70 years wouldn’t have been possible without you. Click the image below to read about some of the NHS’ achievements over the last 70 years.