Kimal achieves ‘We invest in people, gold accreditation’

December 12, 2019

  • This week sees Kimal maintain our ‘Gold Standard’ accreditation after a lengthy assessment by the Investors in People (IIP).


    IIP is a UK body for people management, offering accreditation to organisations that adhere to the Investors in People Standard. Their Standard is recognised by 66 countries around the world. This is an exceptional achievement for Kimal, given the challenging nature of the criteria that make up the new Standard’s requirements, and indicates the level of commitment our leadership team has towards achieving success for the Company through our people. Only 17% of UK organisations achieve gold and at the crux of it, it means that every single person at Kimal is involved in supporting each other, and is doing their best to make work better.


    The assessment began with a kick-off meeting between IIP and our HR department, where our Auditor was updated on Kimal and our staff. Following this, a survey was sent out to our people, to see how they feel about working at Kimal, and how well they’re supported. Finally, the IIP Auditor spent dedicated time with some of our staff.


    Our ‘We invest in people assessment’ was a great opportunity for us to hear from our staff, and we’ve learnt a lot from what they told us, as well as being delighted to hear that people are ‘proud to say they work at Kimal’.


    From what our staff have told us, we’ve now got recommendations, and are creating an action plan so that we can keep making changes, keep improving, and keep moving forward.